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25-12-09: Well, needless to say, there's no more comics. Just haven't been able to get myself to making any. Let's see what new year brings...

15-08-09: Ok, no comics or specials. I'm just going to give up and give September for a comeback date.

28-06-09: Ok, change of plans. I'll have a special up, this week. As for 201+, I think I'll take another two weeks off.

Like anyone will miss me...

26-06-09: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and we are there. Finally at 200 strips.

I'll have something else up, tomorrow...

25-06-09: Four more comics to read. Go have a look!

Only five to go, and they'll be up, tomorrow!

25-06-09: Two more comics. 9 more in the next day or so. Here goes...

20-06-09: Four new comics updated. 11 to go!

186, 187, 188 & 189.

17-06-09: Four new strips for you to read.

10-06-09: After such a long time, I've updated once more. Three new comics for you to enjoy.

16 days and 19 comics to go.

More than one a day...shit...

27-05-09: 176, 177, and 178 are up.

22 to go...

11-05-09: 175 is up.

09-05-09: 173 and 174 are up.

More soon.

22-04-09: Updates have been a little sporadic lately, but hopefully, they'll improve, soon. Four new strips are now available for you to enjoy.

...well, go on...enjoy, already!

12-04-09: Comic 168 is up. I would have put it up yesterday, but I...um...didn't...

08-04-09: Well, due to me having to hash and rehash where I'm going with the next 35 comics, I'm a little late with last weeks strips, so I'm oing to upload them when I do them. Here's the next one.

23-03-09: It's been almost a month, but they're finally done. Much more to come soon (see below for details).


26-01-09: Well, it's Australia Day (a day important to me, sorta, and the rest of my country) so I decided to update the comics. No specials unfortunately - can't seem to come up with any - but five comics is good, right?

...ok, so they're a month late, but the 5-a-month schedule should be back on track, come February, so yay for that.

...Oh, right, the comics: 156, 157, 158, 159, 160.

08-01-09: Well, it's new year...do you know where your comics are?

Well, of course you don't - I'm the one that makes them - but to answer the question...I don't know what to tell you.

All I know is that, hopefully, I'll be up to 165 by February. I just don't know how I'm going to deliver the next five...oh well, ASAP is the best I can offer.


(Curse my honesty!)

08-12-08: Just a little update to tell you all that I've modified the comic pages, both in functionality and...prettyness...The numeric system of strips on the indeces are now done with images, making them neat and tidy. Also, I've used rewriting techniques, so now the comic urls are also neat...and yes, they too, are also tidy.


08-12-08: A little late, but November's comics are up, with tidier urls.
One, two, three, four, and five.

02-11-08: Alright! 150 comics! Woo!

Well, now that that's out of the way, I'd like to invite you to have a look at my latest six comics, leading up to the 150th, which I hop you enjoy.

...Enjoy, I say!

29-09-08: Bit late with this, but I've put up SS 142-144. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote.

21-09-08: It's not the end of the month, yet, but I thought I would give you two comics, early. I'm feeling just that awesome.

14-09-08: This (last) months comics are up. Because of the lateness, I've put up an extra...which still leaves me one behind...
Let's see what I've got when September ends.

...for those who get the reference...NO POINTS FOR YOU!!! </ point nazi>

16-07-08: Ok, I've fallen behind again. Yes, I know what you're thinking... or I would, if anybody came here... anyway...

I've made up for my four weeks of... nothing, with 5 comics... yes, you're googlies aren't tricking you - I said five. So, yeah, I'm actually one ahead now.

...that is, if you don't count the year of f@#! all...

05-07-08: Well, I've fallen behind on my strips, but hopefully, I'll have three done by this Sunday...or four done by next Sunday...

Also, it has been more than five years since I began this escapade. I should probably do something for that.

16-06-08: Ok, since I haven't been able to update in the last few weeks, I've made up for it by posting three. THAT'S RIGHT, THREE!!

25-05-08: Ok, so I've (easily) done Goal 2 - the 125th SS comic. Cheque it out.

Not much of a comic, as it's not that much of a milestone. 150, maybe, but 125? Don't think so.

Speaking of...here's hoping for 150 by the end of the year...

12-05-08: Well, it's been well over a year since I last updated. I wish I had an excuse for that. Fortunately, I have fulfilled one of my goals (as seen in this entry in my site blog. That's right, SONIC SLAM HAS RETURNED!

Not sure how I'll go, update wise, but I'll see to goal #2.

Shouldn't be too hard...

...oh, right! Also, I hope you like the new "threads".

03-02-07: Well, f@*! any sort of schedule. If I make anything, I'll let you know. Maybe I should put up an rss feed or something.

...but then, who'd use it...?

21-01-07: Ok, so I haven't been good with updates, lately (not to mention the lack of rants or whathaveyou...), and I'm sad to say that I might have to cut down to two-a-week...maybe less, if I don't get my writins on...

15-01-07: Sorry it's a bit late, but I've finally put up Friday's comic. I'll see if I can post today's comic...well...today...

08-01-07: If you check the Sonic Slam site, now, you'll see that I kept my promise. That's right - Sonic Slam's BACK!

Now to see how long it lasts...

14-12-06: If you check the Slam site, you'll see that I've planned to bring back Sonic Slam on the 8th day of 2007

20-11-06: Sort of an update. Haven't got around to any comics, but I fixed up the comic pages, including PHP-ifying the MMD mini-site (that's the TFS one). Just because I'm not making comics, doesn't mean I won't do anything with the site.

Might have some other things on the drawing board, too...

UPDATE: Finally added another special.

27-10-06: Big news - read the rant.

...that's the only word I have for it, alright?

09-10-06: Another triple update. 1, 2, 3. I'll do the last one, tomorrow, as well as Monday's comic. Decided to do Monday's comic on Tuesday. The rest of the week will proceed as scheduled.

06-10-06: Ok, so I'm a little late with this one...and there's only one. I guess I'll just have to catch up, either by doing three one day, or by doing an extra one on Monday, or something...

06-10-06: Hey, just wanna let you know that I've uploaded 3, today. If I do two each for Saturday and Sunday, I'll be back on track.

04-10-06: Ok, I'm not really up to it, today. I'll see if I can do yesterdays's later today, and have today's by tomorrow. If worst comes to worst, I'll do some on the weekend.

03-10-06: Ok, let me quickly explain what's going on before I fall asleep, here...
To make up for my lack of updates (again!), I'm making another 5-a-week...but with a bit of a twist. Instead of one a day, I'm updating with 2. I'm still going the five day week, which means not 5, but 10 strips, this week. CRIKEY!

...bless his soul...

28-09-06: Good news and bad news...
The good news: the hosting fiasco is over and done with. I don't have to worry about that, anymore.
The bad news: I've gotten way behind on the comics (about 5 or 6 strips behind). I'll get started on those, A.S.A.P.
But first, a rant...maybe...

20-09-06: Well, shoot. Because the old site went down on such short notice, I lost a couple of updates. Oh well, I'll just have to catch up now that the whole hosting business is just about done with.

12-09-06: Sorry, folks, no Friday's comic...or Monday's...Been busy with hosting business and other things.

...then there's the writer's block...

02-09-06: COUNTDOWN: 0! KABOOM!!

...I mean, Happy New Year!--...uh, I mean...100th strip...yeah...

31-08-06: No comic for Wednesday, I'll try to upload it later, if the server will let me...

EDIT: I've finally been allowed to upload the new strip. Yay...

...oh, uh...COUNTDOWN: 1

28-08-06: COUNTDOWN: 2 (It's the final lap...er, week...)

25-08-06: COUNTDOWN: 3 (I'll probably do an MSC or two before I get to the three-digits.

24-08-06: COUNDOWN: 4 (Sorry for the lateness of this update, but the server was being a b!%@#)

21-08-06: COUNTDOWN: 5

18-08-06: COUNTDOWN: 6

16-08-06: COUNTDOWN: 7

14-08-06: #92 up. COUNTDOWN: 8

11-08-06: Comic 91 is up. COUNTDOWN: 9

10-08-06: #90 up.

...oh, crap...10 to go...

08-08-06: Ok, so I didn't do a rant...I'll do one now.

...also, SS89 is up, and I've made a new title screen. Enjoy!

04-08-06: Number 88 is up. I'll do a rant/commentyness thing, tonight/tomorrow/whenever...

02-08-06: Wednesday's comic is up. Have a look, yo.

01-08-06: I'm a bit late with the five, but they're done, PLUS Monday's comic. Another one up, tomorrow. Now, I'm off to bed.

25-07-06: Ok, it's been a while, but after a brief Hiatus (which is what I'm calling it), #80 is finally done.

The question is answered!

29-06-06: Well, I've got the last of last weekends three up. And now, I'm going on a week (and such) vacation (so to speak) to get my head together. Also, to add to the effect of the supposed cliffhanger...

New strips on Sunday, 9th July.

27-06-06: Well, I updated, today, only because it's...well...you know...

25-06-06: Ok, the three aren't done, yet, so I'll update with the one I do have. Other two up ASAP, and three more next weekend.

I WILL have order!!

23-06-06: Ok, no update, just a rant

14-06-06: Ok, I missed the Monday deadline, so I moved it to Wednesday. Of course, that doesn't mean I'd delay Wednesday's comic. 6 comics to have a look at. Rant, tomorrow, I'm off to bed.

10-06-06: Ok, so I have no comic, today, and I'm a little behind. 5, tomorrow Monday.

01-06-06: #68 up. I'm currently getting things back on track. This shall be Monday's comic. I shall have 2, tomorrow.

23-05-06: Well, 67 is up. A day late, yes... I seem to be able to get 5 done on a Saturday. Hopefully, I can shift it so I do the five in advance. Thatway, I do the 5 on Saturday (or Sunday, if necessary), then update M-F. I think that'd be a reasonable shedule.

20-05-06: Well, I meant to do a 5-strip week, putting up one a day. It seems I couldn't do that, so to compromise...I made and put up five at once. 62-66 are up, so be sure to check those out.

12-05-06: Numbah 60 is up and stuff. I may do a "rant" later today, or tomorrow...

11-05-06: Thursday's strip is up on the site, biyatch!

10-05-06: 59 is up in da hizzy, yo!

09-05-06: 2 of 5 uploaded, y'all!

08-05-06: Finally, an update. And four more, this week. WOOHOO!

17-04-06: Put up an Easter Special with not four, not six, but eight frames!. I'll do up a few SS eps, soon...

31-03-06: I have #56 up. Also: me saying stuff.

06-03-06: 55 is up. And I wish I had funny things to add to my updates...

02-03-06: 54 is up, yo.

22-02-06: 52 and 53. Why? You'll have to see...

13-02-06: Just thought I'd put an update here about some goings on. read the rant

10-02-06: 51 is finally up. Check it out, yo.

26-01-06: No comic, yet (maybe this weekend...). Just thought I'd change the site to celebrate Australia Day...what with me being an Aussie...

17-01-06: Finally uploaded episode 50. Also two new specials. Whee!

10-01-06: Well, I'm back again. 49 is up. Next is the big 5-0!

07-12-05: Number 48 is FINALLY up. 2 more to go.

13-11-05: Number 47 is up. 3 more to go.

09-11-05: Well, I finally did the rant I promised. New comic by weeks end.

06-11-05: Ok, so I won't do a rant on Friday...yesterday...and I don't feel like doing one, now. Maybe tomorrow...

30-10-05: Well, I've been busy for the last four weeks. To make up for it, I'm going to do a SS comic a day for the next five days. I'll probably do a rant on Friday.

30-09-05: Apologies for the delay, but all is explained below...incuding where we are, right now...

09-09-05: No Sonic Slam today (maybe this weekend...), just have something to tell everyone...which may actually be close to noone, but whatever. Read!

23-08-05: #40's done. ...yep...

18-08-05: Well, I've done #39. I really should update more often...

01-08-05: Well, #38 is done. Sorry about the wait, I was kinda busy, somehow. I'll try to make the next one as soon as possible, as well as a rant, but I can't guarantee anything, I'm pretty busy...no, really...

05-07-05: #37 is done. Yay and stuff.

26-06-05: What? Two updates in two days? This could mean only one thing...SONIC SLAM SPECIAL!! This looks like a job for...A RANT!

25-06-05: #36 is up. Too busy to bother putting anything else, here.

19-06-05: As promised in yesterdays rant, I've made and put up ep #35. Enjoy.

18-06-05: #34's done. Why the lateness, you ask? Well, you can blow it out your ear!
...I mean, look at the rant.

08-05-05: #33 Done. Now that I've got a new computer and access to the internet from it, things can get back on shedule...if there ever was one...